Thursday, November 27, 2008

Live blogging the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade #3

Uhhh, where was I?

There were six-hundred cheerleaders all jumping and wiggling.  Very hypnotic.

A giant Smurf just passed by - Al Roker got excited.

We now have a musical number from In The Heights , a musical on Broadway.

Al Roker has a special guest... It's David Hasselhoff!  Oh, no it's not.  He said Knight Rider and I got excited, but it's the star of the new Knight Rider advertising his show that isn't doing as well as hoped.  He just said a few words, gave the time and day of the show and then left, probably to go indoors.

Another musical number.  This is also from a Broadway show, a limited run of Irving Berlin's White Christmas.  I'm beginning to detect a theme here...

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