Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Cast

  • Il Capo
  • My wife, for nine years without a break. The head of The Family.

  • The Squeakers
  • Our two children, consisting of

    1. Son Number One
    2. Our son. He's four years-old and very talkative. Loquacious would be a classy way of putting it.

    3. Bagpuss
    4. Our daughter, 19 months old and a cross between a happy pixie and a malevolent troll. When she wakes up, we all wake up.

  • Nanny
  • My wife's mother. She is staying with us and keeping us sane and well fed.

  • Mr Potarto
  • Me. I work in Manhattan, I live in Westchester County, having convinced Il Capo to look after me. Before we were here, we were in Cambridge, not Massachusetts.

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