Friday, August 15, 2008

The Squeakers

Il Capo and I went to see The Dark Knight last night.  We very much enjoyed it.  I'm a fan of the darker mood of these last two Batman films, and also the last Bond film.  Coincidentally, they showed a trailer to the forthcoming Bond film, A Quantum of Solace, which made Il Capo very happy as Daniel Craig is one of her two favourite men (I haven't asked her to choose between us).

Now, I know what you non-child-rearing people are thinking.  "They went to see a film, Whoop-dee-do."  Conversely, all the child-rearers are thinking, "They went to see a film? Lucky, lucky bastards."  There was a year, not so long ago, (but pre-children) when we saw over 20 movies in a year.  The Dark Knight is Il Capo's second film this year (I've seen four, because I took Son Number One to WALL-E and Horton Hears A Who).  I would predict maybe one more (Mr Bond) is on the cards.

Having children is an incredible experience, but as soon as the first is born, one lifestyle stops dead and another begins.  And the new lifestyle comes with a day which has six hours less than before.  Each morning begins with certain plans and aspirations and 18 hours later you get into bed and find you've achieved about 15 minutes of what you intended.

The other side of this coin is I find myself deriving great pleasure from doing things that must seem positively banal to an outsider.  For example, we ordered three years of photo prints and they arrived last night.  So this morning over breakfast we passed around picture after picture of Son Number One and Bagpuss, asking the children who's that?, who's this?  Every time Bagpuss shouts, "Meeeeee!" or "Bubba!" (brother) I glow inside.  So much so that I forgot the time and missed my train to work.  Luckily, I'm not expected to provide an excuse when I get in late, as I doubt the answer, "Spending  time with my children" would seem much of a reason to others.

But it does to me.

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