Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep"

Apologies for the long, empty period in Potato Potarto.  Il Capo has got herself an Internet job, to earn herself some pocket money.  She updates a website and gets paid based on the number of views she generates.  I've been helping her with it, and simultaneously neglecting this place.

I do have a plan to take photographs along the Hudson, from Manhattan up to Bear Mountain and put the photos together to show the way the river the geography and the buildings change as you move upstream.

But that's a long-term plan.  In the mean-time, check the next page for a sticky frog.


  1. Hmm, why does this all sound familiar?

  2. Dude, kayak up the Hudson someday, great photo ops. Wait until the colors start changing, it'll be great!