Monday, February 25, 2008

Local news is a lot less boring here

How often do you see a story like this on Look East?

Haverstraw couple being held on bail after fighting while boyfriend clung to roof of car

The bit I find most interesting is this:
Kremer is accused of reaching through the car window while he was clinging to the hood and punching Sperrazza, officials said.
Well wouldn't you? He's clinging to the outside of a car, the driver won't stop and is driving it into other vehicles - what is the officially sanctioned response to finding yourself in this situation, dial 911?


I see there is a follow-up article.

More than you need to know about brawling, car-surfing couple

Just when you thought a story was silly enough, more silliness!

Sperrazza stopped at a Sunoco gas station on Route 202, where she allegedly tried to run Kremer over with the car, Figueroa said.

While at the station, a man asked Sperrazza what was happening and she told him to get in the car, he said.

Sperrazza pulled away from the gas station with the man, leaving Kremer behind, and was stopped by police on Rosman Road. Kremer fled the scene but later turned himself in to police.

So our passer-by is at the petrol station, a car pulls in with a man on the bonnet. Man gets off and the female driver attempts to squash him beneath the wheels. Passer-by watches this and thinks, 'hey, I'll cadge a ride with her - she's feisty!'

How desperately do you need to be looking for a woman before you are happy to hook up with someone who dumps her boy-friends by running them over?

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