Sunday, February 3, 2008


I've been looking at subscription tv, trying to pick a provider. I want something that will give me various children's channels, some serious channels, HBO and the popular stuff like SciFi channel and Comedy Central. I went to two providers, got the list of channels from their 200 channel packages and compared them to see that only about a third of the 200 appear in both lists. Each has 130 channels that the other doesn't. Do they have these channels because they think they are attractive to the consumer, or do they have them because they are cheap. Let's look at some of the names:

Blackbelt TV - This could be really good or really bad
Bridges TV - Films starring Jeff and Lloyd
More Max - Bygraves, Headroom and Power
More Max West - Bygraves in a stetson
Opera Babylon - Intriguing
Party Favorites - Has the foreboding ring of a karaoke channel
Smile of a Child - Glurg!
Free Speech TV - Ranting non-entities
Northern Arizona University - Like the OU, but less accessible
Pentagon Channel - WMD watch
Soap Net - A one stop shop for shit

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