Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hanna has left us and is heading for Nova Scotia.  We're all still here, though the beer took a battering.  Last night four inches of rainfall had turned the house into waterfront property, but that has all seeped away now.

To be honest, even as little Hanna was passing, a lot of attention was being focussed on her big brother Ike, who is a category 4 hurricane with average speeds near the eye of 135 mph.  Ike is about to hit Cuba then pass into the Gulf of Mexico towards Texas.

In September 2005 I was in Connecticut doing the work of colleagues who had travelled to Houston for some performance testing of our software.  When I did some testing in Houston myself, I remember our dedication to sampling the local culture, especially the Margaritas they make down there.  Anyway, they had only been there a couple of days when they evacuated from impending Hurricane Rita.  This was a month after Hurricane Katrina, so everyone was jumpy. 

When they came back, they reported the attitude of the Houstonians was exemplified by the signs displayed at the bars - The only good Rita is a Margarita!

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