Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vernal mutterings

Monday was Labor Day, which most Americans consider the unofficial end of the Summer.  Looking at the weather forecast, today is going to be in the 80s but I do feel that the season is coming to an end.  In high summer there were thunderstorms every evening and they stopped a few weeks ago.  The trees seem to have noticed, as some early-adopter leaves have already changed colour to red or brown.

In the city there are less trees, but you can see Autumn Fall is on its way by looking at the advertising hoardings.  In America, most of the dramas and comedies start each series season in September and looking around New York, 80% of the adverts are for TV shows that will be starting soon.  Remarkably, half the remaining hoardings are for paint.

It's curious which industries spend the most on TV and billboard adverts in the USA and the UK.  In the UK, the most frequent adverts are for cars, washing powder and beer.  Over here, there are few car and beer adverts and possibly none at all for washing powder.  There are lots for drugs, (including the excruiating Viagra one), lots for TV and phone companies and lots for chain restaurants.  A hurtful person might say that this implies British men spend their time driving to the pub while the wife is at home cleaning and that Americans use technology and pharmaceuticals to keep them happy and when that doesn't work, they head for Chillis.

I'm sure that right now there are many socialogy students earning their theses by expanding that last paragraph to 200 pages.

Another sign that Fall is around the corner.  Son Number One has his first day at school tomorrow (not including the three months he did last winter in the UK).  School will neccessite a dramatic change in our morning routine, as we'll have to get Son Number One fed and dressed approximately 30 minutes earlier than he's ever managed it before which means me getting up earlier to encourage it into him.

Early night tonight...

Also it is Il Capo's birthday tomorrow.  A quick tip for you currently single guys - don't hitch up with a woman who's birthday falls at the beginning of the month.  I spend each August thinking, "Oh, it's next month, plenty of time" and then three days before, I suddenly realise I have nothing but an afternoon of intensive present shopping between me and a gruesome death.

I wrapped her presents last night and hid them under the bed, then this morning whispered to Son Number One to go and have a look, but not to tell Mummy.  He went to Il Capo and said, "stay there", then went and found them.  When he came back he said to Il Capo, "Mummy, don't look under the bed".

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