Friday, September 12, 2008

We Fat

When I was young and single, I was lithe.  I was lanky.  I was, let's face it, skinny.  I'm six feet one inch and in my early 20s I weighed eleven stone, which is 152 pounds.  Then I met Il Capo and started visiting her family for meals.  Her Mother, now known as Nanny, resolved to rectify my problem.  Over the next year I gained 20 pounds.  Today I notice I've gained 15 pounds since we arrived in America exactly eight months ago, which puts me two pounds shy of 200.

Luckily, it's attractive fat.

With obvious concern for the structural integrity of the house, last week I ordered a Wii and accompanying Wii Fit.  If you haven't heard of a Wii Fit, have a look at this video.  Or um, this one.

Today it arrived!  Having ushered the Squeakers off to bed, I plugged it in and it measured our BMI and then announced our Wii Fit Ages.  This is the machine's opinion of a person's fitness.  My Wii Fit Age is ten years above my actual age.  Nanny's Wii Fit Age is seven years below her actual age.  Il Capo's Wii Fit Age is... (whisper it) 18 years above her real age!!!

We've spent the evening jogging, stepping, balancing and dodging football boots.  It's a lot of fun, but will we keep it up?

The real test of the machine comes tomorrow.  Son Number One will wake and he will want to try it.  And anything he does, Bagpuss will demand doing also.

Did Nintendo design Wii Fit to survive SNO and Bagpuss fighting over who gets to do Yoga?  We will see tomorrow...

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