Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz

It was the first weekend of Spring and having just got back from a trip to the UK, suddenly I could hear bird song in the garden. There were robins which I've not seen before. Robins in America need some explanation. In the UK we are used to our robin, a small round bird with a bright red breast that stays all year round. In America they have a bird they call a robin but it's a different animal. It is the size and shape of a blackbird, with a black head and an orange breast. They migrate up and down North America and do not winter in New York.

If you've ever watched Mary Poppins you may remember the moment when a bird perches on her finger and sings to her. That is an American robin. What it was doing in London is never explained in the film - you probably have to read the book.

In the evening we had five deer walk through our front garden. I keep trying to get a decent photo, but a picture taken in poor light through glass with no tripod is either dark or blurry.

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