Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Tonight of all nights there's gonna be a fight"

We had a meeting with our intruder last night. They we were, cuddled up in front of Naomi Watts and a T-Rex when small, brown and furry ran along the skirting board and hid behind the television. I got a torch and shone it at the TV to pin him down while my fraidy-cat wife went to find a big box to drop on him. Unfortunately, my plan suffered a flaw that was revealed when the mouse ran through the light. That's not right! They're not supposed to do that!

Anyway, we chased him around the edge of the wall for a while until he lost us behind the sofa.

Today, I went to Home Depot to buy a trap. I wanted something that was climbing-eating-generally-poking-fingers-into-things-child friendly, so I didn't want poison or anything that could catch little fingers. I went for a box that has a little maze inside. You put peanut butter in the middle and in his hurry to chow down the mouse doesn't notice that he's standing on the electrical contacts. Disappointingly, after I smeared the extra-crunchy on the inside, inserted the batteries and flicked the on switch, the light that "will flash green once to indicate it is enabled", didn't. I've put it in the kitchen anyway, but I'm probably just providing an all-you-can-eat buffet for our murine friend...

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