Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vote for more 'shhhh' signs

America loves to vote. Where I live, I could (were I a citizen) vote for the president, a senator, a congressman, the state Governor, a state senator, a county legislator, the town supervisor and a town council member. Also, the school budget, the library budget and possibly the town police chief as well. I'm sure I've missed a few things.

The library budget is being put to the vote this week. No idea if I'm eligible. I find all this democracy quite refreshing, coming from a country that signs a treaty that not only gives away Government powers, but is self-amending, so additional powers can be removed at a later date without agreement.

The library budget is up, by the way. They want to spend more money on books apparently. Will the people say yes? Well, Potato Potarto will be running a live blog-cast of the vote, with 3D graphs, exit-polls, and expert analysis so you can follow all the drama and excitement of democracy in action.

Not really. I will tell you the result though, ok?

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