Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chip 'n' Dale

The Family has just arrived back from a short vacation in Florida, specifically to DisneyWorld. Whats the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney? Bing sings and Walt Disney.

Son Number One was very excited by the trip, especially when we told him he could meet these two:

"Oh boy", he said (yes, he really does say 'Oh boy'), "I'm going to meet Alvin!"

We managed to explain that these chipmunks were not Alvin, without a significant loss of excitement and indeed, he queued for 30 minutes to get them to sign his book and pose with him.

Now we have returned to find the grounds of our shady pile overrun with real chipmunks.

Have I mentioned our chipmunks before? They started appearing at the end of March when the weather was vernal. There would be one or two of them in the gardenyard on a sunny afternoon. This last week there seem to be dozens. I usually have one run across the drive each day as I come home, I saw three out the window this morning and Rayhound the greyhound was very excited when he went out for a morning sniff and chased a squirrel that lead him to a chipmunk.

According to Wikipedia (and let's face it, if Wikipedia says it then it is true) chipmunks mate in early spring and the young emerge from the burrow after about six weeks. Adding in the 31 day gestation period and these young orange bundles of fun were conceived around the middle of March, so they are indeed young, striking out into the big wide world.

I'm sure they are bad in some terrible way I've not yet discovered, but at the moment I'm just enjoying watching them run around with their tails in the air. It's hard not to smile watching them dance around the yard.


  1. A Brit out of water is skirting a bit close to your train territory... Check Keeping Your Distance.

  2. Dude, that's nothing. I saw a squir-rel (how you folks say it) fall, not jump, fall, out of a tree the other day. It hit the driveway and ran off, so maybe not injured, but still a once in a lifetime moment...