Thursday, June 5, 2008

A couple of other 'Britons in New York' blogs

Big Apple, Little Britainer
A Marmite lover's adventures in the land of light beer

This is an enjoyable blog written with humour.

Notable connections. I notice she went to Cambridge University which strikes a chord with me as I was educated in Cambridge (cough) . This story mentions a visit to Myers of Keswick. Coincidentally, The Family have raided their piggy banks and are planning a trip there at the weekend. There are currently lots of dinner time conversations about bangers, penguin biscuits and jaffa cakes.

You can tell how much I miss sausages by the fact I've spent about ten minutes staring at the photo of them even though they are raw.

This is a good introduction to her style: Let them sit down

A Brookyn Lad
A Lancs lad raises his boy in Brooklyn

This blog is a little different as it is often more a photo-journal, starring the author's young son. So you get posts like this: Dead Tortoise
and this: Heidi and Billy & Billy and His Pals & Billy Eating Sausages Like a Nut
and my personal favourite: Faulkner’s South

What do I have to do, to capture people like that? Turning off the auto setting on my camera would help, I suppose.

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