Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Interceptor. Isn't that a cool word? When I hear interceptor, I think of several things. I may think of the Jensen Interceptor, six litrers of V8, chrome-covered 70s fuel-gobbler.

Alternatively, I may think of this car:

I may even think of Annabel Croft

So, interceptor means power, it means charisma, it means catching bad guys and looking cool.

New York Police Department obviously feel the same way, because they drive around Manhattan in the Westward Industries Interceptor:

Whenever there's a need for a three-wheeled, sub 40mph pursuit with optional milk delivery, the Interceptor is there.

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  1. Thanks you for reminding me of the TV show, it brings fond memories flooding back of the leather clad bloke in the helicopter with the catchphrase 'Put me down Mikey".... desperately striving to be macho and somehow ending up at a very, very different destination... according to wikipedia it was voted the UK's 13th best game show, unlucky ;)