Friday, June 6, 2008

It's always primetime at the pump

I pulled up at a petrol gas station the other day and was brought up short as I reached the pump. Alongside the hose, the numeric display and the credit card slot was a tv showing the news and weather. This is, so I discovered, Gas Station TV. From my three minutes of exposure it appears to be short bursts of news and consumer affairs separated by adverts for Coke.

I never realiszed how much I was missing the telly while filling up the car until now. Imagine all those wasted minutes, kicking the tyres, making faces through the car window at The Family, gazing at the young woman filling up at pump number 3... All that time I could have been educating myself with GSTV. For instance, from that one short viewing I now know that "low fat" written on a packet of food doesn't necessarily mean a small amount of fat, merely that is has less fat than some similar product.

Who knew pumping gas could be so edutaining?

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