Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doris Day

Following Nanny's communication problems with the dry cleaner, Il Capo took responsibility for this week's trip. The conversation went something like this:

"I've got these trousers for dry cleaning," said Il Capo.

"OK, what's your phone number?" asked the dry cleaner. Il Capo gave our phone number and dry cleaner typed it into her computer to find our details.

The dry cleaner looked at the details on the computer screen asked, "Doris Day?"

Il Capo was confused. "Excuse me?" she said.

The dry cleaner asked again, "Doris Day?"

Il Capo nervously grasped the nettle and said, "Um... Doris Day is dead."

The dry cleaner stared at her and replied, "I said Thursday!"

Il Capo blushed furiously. "Oh! Sorry! Yes please!"

The shame of it now requires we find another dry cleaner.


  1. Doris Day is not dead. She is alive and well.

  2. So she is. Just further embarrassment for my wife.