Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet

You know it's hot when you hear this on the weather forecast:
"...but we will get some relief on Wednesday, when the temperature will drop to 87 degrees."
It's been in the high 90s the last few days, which has been fun. In England, such temperatures would shut the country down, but it's different here. The most important difference is that here it's only 98 degrees outside. In England I would spend the time in a shady spot with an electric fan and copious amounts of beer, In New York, I move leave my air-conditioned house, drive my air-conditioned car, get into an air-conditioned train, spend five minutes in a non-air-conditioned, really quite warm Grand Central, then a quick walk to the office that is air-conditioned. No problems.


It seems other people have been selfishly using their A/C as well and all this extra demand for power is causing black-outs. If only everyone else used electricity more responsibly. I have taken the liberty of cutting the power to my neighbours' houses so to reduce the load on the local circuit. I wouldn't want any power-cuts in our area.

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